Dressing for an interview on a budget

Dressing well for an interview is very important. It can make a great first impression on your potential employer, and it can allow you to feel at your most confident. Buying new clothes for an interview is not always something that everyone can do. If you have a job interview coming up, this blog will help you to figure out how to dress well for your interview whilst on a budget.


You don’t always have to wear strictly work attire, for example, if you don’t have any skirts or trousers, leggings can be a great alternative! A pair of leggings with a blouse and a blazer would look great for an interview. Similarly, in some cases, a pair of black jeans can fit into the smart casual category, as long as they’re paired with a smart blouse or top.


If you have certain items of clothing that you know would work for an interview, for example a shirt, but you’re just missing one or two pieces to make the outfit complete (trousers, blazer) why not ask a friend or family member if they have anything that you could borrow? If you end up doing this, make sure to try the clothes a few days before the interview to ensure that they fit. Bear in mind that you are borrowing clothes, so be sure that you look after them and return them once your interview is over.

Charity shopping

Charity shops are not only a great ethical and environmental choice, they can also be perfect for when you’re on a budget. You can find anything from shirts, blazers, dresses and shoes, all interview appropriate. Charity shops are also a great place to get accessories such as belts, ties, bags and briefcases.


You can use the Vinted app on your phone to find interview clothes. Just search ‘work attire’ ‘work clothes’ ‘shirts’ etc and set the price range from low to high. Make sure that you enter your sizes so that you can only see pieces that would fit you. Make sure that there are no stains or damages to any of the clothes you buy- most clothes being sold on Vinted are in great condition.

Working Wardrobe

And of course, us! If you have been referred to us then you will be able to get the interview clothes that you need with no charge. We will get to know you and your style, picking from our wide range of interview clothes, to find what makes you feel like your best self, so that you can smash your interview.


Always make sure to check if your interview calls for any specific attire (eg smart, smart casual, practical- outdoors) and dress appropriately. We hope that after reading this blog you will know where to go and what to utilise in order to dress well for your interview, good luck!