How to overcome first day nerves

Most of us often experience anxiety about that dreaded first day on the job. We find that our brain will overthink, jump to worst case scenarios and often allow us to feel a lot of self-doubt and if we are good enough for the job.

This blog post aims to ease your anxieties and provide tips and advice to overcome your first day nerves!

Speak to your support group

Those who know you best know how capable you are at thriving at your new job. When those moments of self-doubt emerge, it is so important to speak to those you trust to see what they see in you. It is also so nice to remind yourself that you have a great support network around you, and despite all your nerves, there are so many people supporting you!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

That feeling of being prepared will help boost some confidence in yourself. Trying to get some pre-understanding of the business and the job role will look good to your employers too as they can see you’re passionate and eager to work. Identify anything you don’t understand beforehand and ensure to ask about it on the day. Alongside this, even planning your route to work, your work lunch, and your first day outfit beforehand, restricts morning anxiety from arising.

Don’t Rush

On your first day, it is important to remind yourself, you’re not going to be perfect at the job straight off the bat. Your first day if often primarily about getting a greater understanding of your role, so don’t try and rush yourself to understand and meet standards immediately as it’ll leave you feeling overwhelmed in the long-run.


Self-care during anxious patches in our life is so important. Prior to the big day, do something you love doing. It could be hanging with friends, having a bath, or even having a takeaway and watching the telly! These activities help you combat your moments of self-doubt as it something you feel comfortable and happy doing.

Post-First day on the Job Reward

Giving yourself something to look forward to after your first day keeps you motivated and optimistic. Whether it’s binging your favourite Netflix series or meeting up with your mates, that feeling of enjoyment after the intensity of the first day will feel so rewarding.

Be kind to yourself!

Remind yourself that somewhere in the world, it is someone else’s first day too and they’re probably just as nervous, if not more. For many employers, nerves show you are a real person and they’ll be very accommodating to that. During the first day, turn your first day fears, into curiosity. Note to employers the aspects of the first day which confused you and say you’d like to be retaught at some point. If your anxiety is the fear of not finding a supportive work network, ask employers if there are any socials or events that you can attend. This willingness to combat our weaknesses will look amazing to employers!