Top 5 Places for Sustainable Christmas Outfits

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! Tis’ the season of buying from high street stores in order to perfect that Christmas/Festive look for all your upcoming occasions. Though roaming through all the shops adds to the Christmas buzz and excitement for most of us, the reality behind having a festive wardrobe is not as glitz and glam as we may feel when we wear our new purchases.

In fact, Christmas encourages mass consumption, resulting in a rise of many environmental consequences, such as textile waste, an increase in pollution and landfill usage. This post is here to offer you sustainable alternatives when thinking about a festive wardrobe this year, which are just as affordable and stylish!

1. ASOS Marketplace

For those not willing to make the full jump away from big corporate retailers just yet, ASOS Marketplace is the perfect first step. With ASOS Marketplace, one will find a variety of small businesses selling products they’ve often made themselves or reselling as vintage whilst still giving that high-street online shopping feel. Due to the broad range of businesses selling products, the price range is very varied, meaning you can find that perfect Christmas party dress you’ve been longing for at a comfortable price!

2. Oxfam (Online/In-Store)

One of fashion’s greatest underdogs is the charity store Oxfam. For those living in big, urban cities, Oxfam often parallels thrift stores that caters towards the ‘alternative’ sense of style often displayed on the younger generation of today with the added benefit that its profit goes to charity. Its website resells big brands, from Pretty Little Thing to Ralph Lauren, all for an extremely affordable price. As well as Oxfam, there are endless charity shops to invest your Christmas wardrobe cash into.

3. Thrifted

For anyone wanting online thrift stores that are a little more off the beaten track, there is no better online store than ‘Thrifted’. It is an online retailer which strongly believes in circular fashion as opposed to fast. They sell top tier brands, for a reasonable price and always in good quality. So for those wanting a festive wardrobe filled with brands, look no further than Thrifted.

4. eBay

eBay is extremely well known for grabbing bargains and selling unwanted items, however, it is also perfect for investing into the circular fashion movement. Users often put their clothes up for sale or on auction, giving their old clothes a purpose again. This reduces fashion waste and allows customers to purchase their favourite brands often for a smaller price. Out of the whole list, Ebay is on the cheaper end for finding that perfect festive wardrobe.

5. Wardrobe Hire UK

Instead of buying a new dress for Christmas that may only been worn once a new concept you may wish to consider is wardrobe hire. This is perfect for individuals who crave a Christmas wardrobe that screams luxury. The company lends out designer and desired garments for cheaper than RRP. It helps tackle issues such as overconsumption and waste. Here you can rent items for a up to a week before returning them. There are several websites which you can find which centres around wardrobe hire: